LLC Stark Shipping is managed by team of professionals, who have more then 15 years experience of shipping in Black and Azov Sea for various commodities and vessel types. Since the beginning we are constructing our own net of branches, offices and strategic partnerships to perform services in all Ukrainian ports without exemption, at the same level and quality, not depends on the port size.

Minutes to calculate Proforma DA for any port
days to issue Final Disbursement for any port call
calls per month — we attend as port agents
% more efficient, informative, time saving, faster, cheaper, then any other Ukrainian agency

Agency Hub Oil/Grain/Fuel Transportation Experts


  • C


    • Fixing bulk grain, meal, cake, bran
    • Fixing tankers for Vegoil
    • Fixing part cargo space
  • A

    ship agency

    • Full Port Agency
    • Protecting agency
    • Ship’s supply
    • Crew change
    • Cleaning holds/tanks
  • R

    Research division

    • Line-up
    • Terminals
    • Ice Campaign
    • Port dues
    • Load rates
    • Analytics
  • E


    • Containers
    • Forwarding
    • Customs
    • Storage

We come not for one year, we enjoy what we are doing, we are fully independent, handling all types of ships and we really want to bring to Ukraine — European standards of port call handling and we want our clients to feel that Ukraine — is changing, the service here — is changing and people here — are changing.

liner service

Schedule of ADMIntermare Line. Port Chornomorsk, Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ports Research by Stark Shipping LLC

Since the very beginning in addition to providing 1-st class port agency service, Stark Shipping is supporting customers on regular basis with all related market export/import reports, with all possible restrictions You may need while fixing the ship, planning the trade or investigating of a new market.

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Our team


Main Hub office

7a Shevchenko Street, 68002, Ilyichevsk, Odessa Region, Ukraine

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